Bri Manning

Viddy, Inc Renamed Supernova

November 8, 2013

As I noted recently, this past about 18 months at Viddy have been a wild ride. Ups and downs, lots of learning, both tech-wise and business-wise, and a crash course in true start-up experience. The news this week, besides launching Clique 2.0 and Epic, is the corporate renaming to Supernova.

Supernova Logo at HQ

From our CEO, JJ:

The idea there is we were an early star in the galaxy. We experienced a stellar explosion. That energy and mass still exists in the universe and it’s starting to either create new life forms in other universes or starting to create new stars, which felt like an appropriate analogy to our existence and our journey.

It’s been a wild ride and one of the best professional experiences I could’ve envisioned.