Bri Manning

Reflecting Back

October 29, 2013

I was updating my LinkedIn profile today and it got me thinking about my time so far at Viddy. Here’s what I wrote with my time so far:

When I first started at Viddy in June 2012, I was responsible for getting the website front-end to scale while we saw immense increases in traffic while also updating the site to make it responsive, add features, improve performance, increase SEO and improve integration with Twitter and Facebook. We were also featured as one of the best 50 websites of 2012.

After that initial work was finished, I worked on some internal prototypes for a Windows 8 app while doing continual maintenance and improvements on the website.

In early 2013, I began work on updating to be more consistent with the Viddy 2.0 iOS app. Some highlights include extensive use of HTML5 video, responsive design, CSS3 features including animations, mobile support and optimizations, HTML5 local storage and history as well as retina and similar high resolution display support. I rewrote the entire front-end of the site from February to May of 2012.

Since the website rework I’ve also been making a backend transition from C#/.NET to python and getting my hands dirty with Android to create the Clique Android app.

It’s been a totally wild ride. I started as employee #13, we ballooned up to 31, cut down in one fateful and sad day in January to 18 and are cruising along at 12 now. I’ve transitioned from a pure .NET web developer to getting into the thick of things with Android while working on a totally different server-side stack with python. Overall, the wildest ride of my professional life and coming out to LA to start this journey was the best professional decision I’ve made to date.