Bri Manning

To Do Lists and Forgetfulness

April 13, 2012

I can be a pretty forgetful person. And not with everything, I’d be lying if I said I forget to do things I enjoy our that I remember to do our get around to the things I don’t enjoy.

I had to come up with a system to make sure I “got around” to the less fun things.

My last job introduced me to the free bug/task tracking software package called Mantis. I still use that for a lot of collaborative things I do with other people since I have my own instance installed and can share projects among different people. The other tool I use for less software-oriented or detailed tasks is Wunderlist. That’s something I use for remembering to mail my rent check or something similar and I’m a big fan because I have the app on my work computer, home computer and my phone, so I can keep track of things very easily.

Say I’m in a meeting or out with friends and have an idea or want to remember things, I used to carry notecards around, but I often lost them or would forget them. I don’t forget my phone, so I can just enter it there, at least as a reminder to add to Mantis, or take care of when I get around to it. With so many things flying around between work, independent projects, family, friends, the Village Lions and my hero dog Rugby, there’s a lot to remember, so I’m still working on the best system, but this is the one I have so far.