Bri Manning

Rugby’s Time on the Road

October 25, 2016
Rugby Jumping into One of the Joffre Lakes

Rugby will be eight in just over a week. This trip has made that truth hard to believe.

Rugby Tired During a Hike

He’s often been both skittish around certain people or with certain noises while being┬áloving in most cases. Fewer dogs have loved being on laps more.


And he’s always had an obsession with┬átennis balls. He even needs one near him if he’s going to eat. They’re his security blanket.

Rugby Swimming in East Lake in Newberry Volcano

One thing I didn’t expect was him to decide he now likes to swim and that he’ll pull against you to get into or near the water. That’s happened solely on this trip.

Rugby Swimming in Bertha Lake in Waterton Lakes Park

He can’t get enough.

Rugby Looking on Somewhere on the Oregon Coast

He also can’t stand being left behind.

Playing in White Sands National Monument

Mostly because he wants to join in.

Rugby Enjoying Seaside, Oregon

I think this trip has somehow made him younger.

Rugby Unimpressed with Crater Lake

He’s always been a looker, so that hasn’t changed.

Rugby and the Sunset Outside Joshua Tree

Now he’s got many more locations taken care of in his exploring career.

Rugby Sharing a Pillow

But he always comes back to making sure there are enough cuddles. That’s still his #1 priority.