Bri Manning

Bear Chase

August 19, 2016

In Moreton Lakes National Park in Canada, Missy was casually eavesdropping on people and heard about a bear. I quickly became more concerned than she did and suggested we get in the van.

Shortly after, we watched a Park Warden pull up quickly in his truck and yell at a bear. The bear climbed into a tree in the middle of a campground to escape. That meant the Park Warden hit the bear with bear spray to get it to keep moving. When the bear still wouldn’t come down, he shot the bear with a paintball gun.
That got the bear sprinting through the campground with the warden hot on its heels. When the bear started the slow and turn to face him, he yelled, in a very admonishing voice, “Bear!” as though that was its name shot it with the paintball gun again to keep it moving.

It was funny after, but seeing a bear sprint around a campground was not something I’d expect to see.