Bri Manning

Rocket is Becoming a Part of Dept

March 12, 2019

It’s been 798 days since I first started at Rocket. Today is the day we’re announcing that Rocket has been acquired by Dept. Josh Porter, one of the founders of Rocket, wrote a blog post on the transition today.

I even got to be part of the promotional video.

When I started, there were a handful of Rocket employees and even more contractors. Overall, I think it was just around 20ish people depending on how you count which contractors. From Josh’s post: “at the end of year 2018 Rocket was made up of roughly 100 people: 94 designers and developers, 4 partners, and 2 operations people.” It’s amazing how it’s grown and seeing what it’s grown into. We’ve kept our approach of keeping designers and developers close to the client and not insulated by a project or account manager, and we’ve never had the need for a salesperson beyond partners and employees themselves. Every single client has extended their contracts or booked a second project which I think is probably the biggest testament to quality and service you could have.

I’m hopeful about how it all goes for myself and the future of Rocket. I’m especially interested in how Dept Fest is. ;-P