Bri Manning

Nest Thermostat

September 27, 2017
Nest Thermostat E

I really shouldn’t’ve taken that picture in the dark.

Writing about the Nest security announcement recently, little did I know that the Nest thermostat I had ordered was waiting for me at home.

This is our second thermostat and controls the heat in one section of the house. The main thermostat, which was a housewarming gift from my father, controls the ac and heat to the rest of the house. That’s one of the Nest Learning Thermostats compared this Nest Thermostat E.

In both cases, they were super simple to install. I actually now prefer the form factor of the cheaper model above. The frosted display and white case make it look futuristic in my opinion. Once we repaint, we’ll be able to take the rectangular plate off. For now that covers where the last paint job didn’t go behind the original thermostat.