Bri Manning


August 10, 2017

Today I had my first bike commute since living in California. It was much longer than that one at just over 6 miles each way. The California bike commute to Viddy was just over a mile. Hard to really compare the two.

Since it was much longer, I had a chance to think about all of the commutes I’ve had. And working for different clients at Rocket makes me think that I’m all the more likely to have a variety of commutes coming up.

Here they are, each way as approximations, and as I can best remember, in chronological order since college:

This really makes me realize that everywhere on Manhattan seems to be about a 20 minute subway ride. Why were there so many changes even though the commute was the same? I lived in three different apartments, one of them twice. Initially I was subletting for just a month, and then the place I moved to had a fire, so I moved to a third apartment and then back. Additionally, I had two different jobs that both moved once. It was a tumultuous three years now that I look back at it.

What I realized is also how little driving there really was in my commutes. Other than the first one, the rest of the driving happened for just a little while during some transition period.

I’m also glad that I’ve got to keep my commutes so green. Even if it’s just a drop in the bucket.