Bri Manning

Chromecast and Branding

April 7, 2017

I have a Chromecast. I use it often, but it really has a naming and branding problem.

Many of the issues come when developing a Chromecast-enabled application and trying to explain what you’re doing. There are sender and receiver devices, but you don’t need to create receiver application, but you can if you want. Names get more and more generic to the point of being meaningless. That’s something developers need to deal with all the time. Abstractions that lose meaning. That still means they’re hard to explain.

At least the more recent versions of the library make things easier than before and come with built-in controls, but it’s still a lot of work to get it running. And then to get it running well, with a good UI? That’s a whole lot more effort.

It reminds me of when Material Design was first announced. There were demos and mockups, but little in the way of how to get it to work. There was plenty on how it should work. Chromecast still feels similar.