Bri Manning

We Bought a House

July 21, 2017

I’ve been working for Rocket Insights up in Newburyport for just over six months now. I’ve loved the job, the work, and the people. In addition, Missy and I have really enjoyed Newburyport and decided to move closer.

That finally happened.

We closed on a house the next town over in West Newbury and it’s just what we’ve been hoping for. Today was my first day with my new commute and instead of being ~1.5 hours door-to-door, it’s down to less than 15 minutes. I was taking the train and walking before, and now I’ll be driving or riding my bike.

And while the process itself was nerve-racking, mostly because my online bank dropped the ball hard (I’ll write more on this later), it happened, it’s done, and we’re moved in! Now it’s time to get some internet. Oh, and some furniture since our one bedroom apartment level of stuff leaves it feeling pretty empty.