Bri Manning

Goodbye, Viddy

November 5, 2014

And Clique and Epic.

I’ve spent the past few days building the tools to shut down Viddy, Epic and Clique. It’s been a strange, sad experience. Here are the best Viddy videos of all time:

When I stopped actively working on OnePlaybook full-time, I was pretty beat up. That was a service that was my baby. It was tough, but at the same time, it never really took off.

Viddy, and to a lesser extent, Clique and Epic was different. At one point, there were 31 employees. We were the #1 app in the App Store for a while. We were the belle of the tech ball.

Now it’s being shut down. And I had to handle code changes for it.

It was like taking Ol’ Yeller out back.

Still, as a friend of mine said, “who else gets to see things through to the end like this?”

All apps and services must end. As must companies. Being able to see it through to the end has been insightful.

Viddy will always be an interesting, exciting, and tough experience that I learned a lot from and met great people through. It’s sad to see it go, but I’m glad it happened.