Bri Manning

Cross-Platform Development Idea, but This Time Not Mobile

November 11, 2011

I’ve been thinking about PhoneGap and products similar to it that allow you to develop an application once and then deploy it across different environments. This way you can create one application using something like Sencha or jQTouch to get a really nice experience. Then you can release an Android app, a Blackberry app or an iOS app with relative ease without putting in the development effort required to create a variety of native apps.

That’s all old news and the debate is still raging about how to go about it and what tools to use and there are plenty of different, great arguments on both sides.

Then I thought about XBox, Playstation 3 and Wii.

Granted, I haven’t yet looked into the technical aspects of it, but being able to create a channel or app for each of those common consoles with a common codebase would be more than helpful for a variety of organizations. Whether you’re creating a small game that you want to run both on mobile and on those consoles without going through the process of distributing disks and working with publishers or you’re creating an application for an organization like the NFL, being able to roll out on all of those platforms relatively easily and at a lower cost to development would be an amazing asset.

This is just a thought experiment at this point, but it certainly makes me wonder about what could happen when you have that kind of cross platform development available.