Bri Manning

Every Day is a Big Political News Day when Russia is Involved

March 23, 2018

Yesterday, it was reported that Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian intelligence officer. We won’t even go into that McCaster is out.

This solidifies the conclusion that Russia was directly involved with the DNC hack and the information that WikiLeaks published. Last January, it was already being reported that that was how it happened.

Since then, it seems like more suspicions are being proven true. Whether that’s social media campaigns, political ads, or the well-documented election campaign ties, it’s clear that Russia’s attempt at influence was multi-pronged.

While this doesn’t mean that everyone in the campaign knew or was involved, it’s clear that Russia had a definite and direct intent to influence the election. And while Cambridge Analytica might claim that people are too smart to be influenced like that, both advertisers and spammers know that you don’t need 100% success to have it be a successful campaign.

For anyone to deny that Russia had a campaign to influence the election means they’re not paying attention. Whether it was a coordinated attempt with more than just a few people in the Trump campaign, only time, and Mueller, can tell.