Bri Manning

Hating on Apple

October 4, 2013

Something that’s really been irking me in tech is the number of people who hate one thing more than they love another. It certainly is true in a lot of arenas, but the Apple hate is amazing. People who hate iOS more than they like Android. Or hate iTunes more than they like Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.

People love pointing out the iOS 7 flaws. It’s not that my Android phone is awesome, it’s that your iPhone sucks and you’re a fan boy for having one.

Microsoft’s marketing takes that very much to heart.

Not to mention Samsung’s similar ads.

Maybe it’s because Apple’s been the market leader in “cool.” Maybe because of the perception that people are fan boys. I don’t know. Why hate on something so much instead of finding the good in whatever you like?

It’s easy to find mistakes and issues, to hate something, to find fault. It’s much harder to really like something and tout it. You start identifying yourself with that thing and it becomes part of your identity. It’s hard to pick something like that.

Why aren’t there more things that are easy to pick? Why aren’t there more awesome products and companies to champion and love?

Guess it’s time to get back to work.