Bri Manning

Android Bootcamp Cliffnotes

November 4, 2013

Found the Android Bootcamp Cliffnotes recently (not sure where I originally came across them now) and just got a chance to read through some of them.

It’s filled with some really useful beginning with Android development information. I’ve been deep-diving into Android the last few months and there were definitely some initial hiccups, mostly due to my impatience with Google Documentation and my desire to just get programming (read: my own fault).

The reason I like the cliffnotes is because they give a quick overview of a few different sections with an emphasis on useful brevity as well as following good best-practices – something that also tripped me up. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something the Android way or my own version of a C#/.NET way or some hybrid. The cliffnotes had a good structure and guide to setting up and developing an Android project from scratch.